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Fame Commercials delivers latest Remploy vehicles.
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Waste Collection

Developed alongside local authorities our Kerbside collection vehicles are a beautifully simple and effective way to collect and sort recyclable waste, particularly where there are weight or width restrictions in residential areas. Fully galvanised stillages of various sizes are available to enable the waste to sorted at the kerbside. These can then be offloaded back at the depot by means of a forklift with rotator.

Our low floor chassis also allows for wheeled waste bins, such as those used in hospitals for clinical waste, to be loaded without the use of expensive hydraulic lifts.

We can also offer GRP lined panel vans, with mesh at the doors to stop waste sliding out and lockable bins for sharps boxes.

With washable interiors, hand washing facilities for your staff, our usual simple and effective design make waste collection simplicity itself.

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